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Gate.io will list Solend(SLND)

Gate.io is going to commence Solend(SLND) trading on Jan 27th at 04:00 AM UTC. About Solend : Solend is an algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana. Solend allows anyone with an internet connection to earn interest by lending their assets, and allows them to use th...

Tags: SLND Read: 11545 Updated: 7 hours 29 min ago

Gate Union-Rewards Distribution For "Market Commentary - Get Rewards"

Gate.io has issued the event's rewards "Gate Union - Market Commentary - Get Rewards". Congratulations to the winners! Users can go to "Wallet - Bill Details" to check the reward distribution. The related event: https://www.gate.io/article/24649 Partial Winners List: UID: 8****90 3****34...

Tags: Read: 5348 Updated: 8 hours 6 min ago

Breakthrough for the Better: Gate.io Surpasses 10 Million Global Users

On the journey of innovation and leadership, Gate.io has always been at the forefront of the crypto industry. By 2022, it is fortunate that under the witness of global users, Gate.io has reached its milestone achievement: the number of global registered users has exceeded 10,000,000! Here, we would...

Tags: Read: 24919 Updated: 9 hours 28 min ago

Gate.io Startup:Bit.Store (STORE) Initial Sale Result & Listing Schedule

1 Bit.Store (STORE)Token Sale Result The Gate.io Startup Bit.Store (STORE)sale result is as follows: STORE Startup Sale Amount: 1,000,000 STORE Total value of orders (in USDT): 58,132,900 USDT Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 57,082,200 USDT Number of orders:20,802 Number...

Tags: STORE Read: 3912 Updated: 9 hours 53 min ago

Gate.io HODL & Earn: Lock GOVI To Earn 100% APR(Phase 1)

The Lock GOVI & Earn #1(term 14 days) will launch at 8:00 UTC on Jan 30th at Gate.io 's“HODL& Earn” section, with an estimated reward of 100% P.A. Gate.io HODL & Earn Telegram group is available now, join us through the link: https://t.me/gateio_hodl_en Web users can use the l...

Tags: GOVI Read: 3062 Updated: 10 hours 1 min ago

Gate.io HODL & Earn: Lock CRAFT To Earn 100% APR(Phase 1)

The Lock CRAFT & Earn #1(term 14 days) will launch at 8:00 UTC on Jan 30th at Gate.io 's“HODL& Earn” section, with an estimated reward of 100% P.A. Gate.io HODL & Earn Telegram group is available now, join us through the link: https://t.me/gateio_hodl_en Web users can use the...

Tags: CRAFT Read: 5124 Updated: 10 hours 1 min ago

Announcement: Gate.io Liquidity Mining Will Adjust the Fee Rate of Market Maker (AMM Mode)

At the end of August 2021 we launched a new version of the liquidity mining pool feature. We sincerely thank our users and our community for the enthusiastic and positive responses received so far. In order to keep up pace with all positive iterations and provide better services for our users, We...

Tags: Read: 5047 Updated: 10 hours 17 min ago

Gate.io Has Launched A New Version Of Liquidity Mining Pool Bonus For MELI, SLNV2, BDT, IZI, BRKL (Automated Market Maker AMM), With The Current Annual Yield Up to 2,046.58%

Gate.io has launched MELI/USDT, SLNV2/USDT, BDT/USDT, IZI/USDT, BRKL/USDT, SLNV2/ETH, BDT/ETH and IZI/ETH trading pairs, and a new version of liquidity mining pool bonuses (Automated Market Maker AMM) is now available for them. In addition, 50% of the trading fee will be added into the liquidity bon...

Tags: Read: 4283 Updated: 10 hours 28 min ago

Gate.io Presents High Quality Trading Strategies To Facilitate Your Trading Experience

Gate.io Copy Trading is now home to 16+ quantitative products. The new products and features will provide a convenient investment environment for all quant traders and trading enthusiasts. In addition, outstanding and fabulous strategies will be selected from the strategy pool for your reference on...

Tags: Read: 4187 Updated: 10 hours 39 min ago

Gate.io Influencers Project #3. Express Your Crypto Passion!

Since its launch, the Gate.io Post has been continuously optimized, thus attracting many enthusiasts and investment analysts in the crypto space. Gate.io Post serves as a platform for users to exchange experiences, share achievements, and constantly provide their unique insights and trading experie...

Tags: Read: 2697 Updated: 11 hours 0 min ago

Earn Daily No.350: Lock USDG & Earn, up to 11% APR

Gate.io HODL& Earn recently unveiled a new product “Earn Everyday” to facilitate even more chances to earn by holding popular coins and stablecoins (such as BTC, ETH, USDT, GT and USDG) for a period of 7 days. Everyday, at least one round of the product will be available to our users on a fi...

Tags: USDG Read: 4826 Updated: 11 hours 40 min ago

Gate.io $5000 Futures Bonus Giveaway

This Giveaway contains rewards for new users, offering AMA topics, posting pics related to Gate.io in your real life. There will be $5,000 contract bonus for you to win. What are perpetual contract bonus of Gate.io? Gate.io perpetual contract bonus can be used as margin and deduct losses, tr...

Tags: Read: 13073 Updated: 11 hours 53 min ago

Join Gate.io Social Trading Post and Win $1500!(last 5 days)

Since the opening of the Gate.io Community, an increasing number of thoughtful crypto investors have been joining the community, and posting their unique ideas. Gate.io provides the best services and community for every user who is willing to express themselves. We provide posts, exclusive subscrip...

Tags: Read: 3548 Updated: 12 hours 2 min ago

Gate.io Copy Trading Is Now In The Gate.io Posts Space! Like & Follow Gate.io Copy Trading On Posts To Win GT

We are pleased to announce that Gate.io Copy Trading has officially been enabled in the Gate.io Posts space! The commitment to bring quality trading experience to all quantitative traders, has led us to introduce Gate.io Copy Trading in the Posts space. Our aim is to have profitable trading strat...

Tags: Read: 2845 Updated: 12 hours 39 min ago

New Financial Product Launches at Gate.io: Dual Currency Products BTC & ETH Section( 2 to 17 Holding Days)

Dual Currency Products on Gate.io Finance now include BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT dual financial products. In the BTC section, the new products will have 2 to 17 holding days with pegged reference prices ranging from $32,000 to $42,000 BTC or USDT will be the final settlement currency at maturity for prin...

Tags: Read: 5037 Updated: 13 hours 29 min ago

Gate.io Join the KSM & DOT Slot Auction with One-Click on Gate.io(Centrifuge will be delisted in advance)

Gate.io supports the Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction, we had launched the DOT / KSM slot auction page to help users quickly view the Lockup & Earn opportunities at their disposal in terms of the parachain auction. New users can sign up at Gate.io to participate. The 8th round of the Polkadot...

Tags: KSM,DOT Read: 7840 Updated: 13 hours 42 min ago

Gate.io Startup:Metastrike (MTS) Initial Sale Result & Listing Schedule

1 Metastrike (MTS)Token Sale Result The Gate.io Startup Metastrike (MTS)sale result is as follows: MTS Startup Sale Amount: 1,400,000 MTS Total value of orders (in USDT): 61,006,840 USDT Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 59,860,340 USDT Number of orders:21,138 Number of Qu...

Tags: MTS Read: 5222 Updated: 13 hours 59 min ago

Gate.io Listing Vote #262 AgeOfGods (AOG) Voting Result & Listing

The listing vote campaign for Gate.io Listing Vote #262 - AgeOfGods (AOG) has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who participated! We will continue to bring more quality projects, so please stay tuned! Participate in the next Gate.io listing vote session at: https://www.gate.io/poll Vote...

Tags: AOG Read: 8635 Updated: 14 hours 1 min ago

Gate.io Has Launched Liquidity Mining Pool For SENSO/USDT, SENSO/ETH (Normal Trading Mode) and Each Added An Extra Time-Limited Reward of 10,345 SENSO to Them

Gate.io has launched a liquidity mining pool (in Normal Trading Mode) for SENSO/USDT, SENSO/ETH trading pairs and each added an extra time-limited bonus of 10,345 SENS to them respectively at 11:00 o’clock. Join them now! To Earn SENSO Returns Right Now! Gate.io has launched the...

Tags: Read: 4358 Updated: 14 hours 54 min ago