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$25,000 in DOT for ETF Newbies - Enable Leveraged ETF Trading and Start Earnings

2021-09-20 04:53:40 UTCRead:90251

Gate.io is offering an airdrop bonus for ETF newbies! Enable leveraged ETF tokens trading now to win a share of a $25,000 in DOT prize pool! Want to increase your profits without the risk of liquidation? Gate.io ETF allows you to easily build your own fixed leveraged investment portfolio with 0 margin!

Duration: From 10:00 on Sept 20, 2021 to 10:00 on Sept 26, 2021 (UTC)

Complete the form to participate

(Friendly Reminder: Check your Gate.io UID by clicking the avatar - ID)

Activity 1: Trade and Get an Airdrop Reward

During the activity period, users who trade in the ETF market for the first time with a transaction amount of 50 USDT or more can receive a $1-20 random airdrop reward in DOT.

There is a total of $4,000 to be shared!

Activity 2: Trade and Share $20,000 Prize Pool

During the activity period, users who trade in the ETF market for the first time with a transaction amount of 100 USDT or more can share $20,000 in DOT prize pool in proportion to their trading volume.

Activity 3: Lucky Draw

During the activity period, users who trade in the ETF market with a transaction amount of 100 USDT for the first time will automatically be entered into the Lucky Draw prize pool. 20 lucky users will be randomly selected and split a $1,000 in DOT prize pool.

Click to start ETF trading: https://www.gate.io/en/etf


1. Users who have not enabled the leveraged ETF trading can participate in the campaign.

2. Users rewards are subject to the data reported in the form.

3. Transaction amount: buys + sells; Only the user’s transaction data during the campaign will be counted.

4. In order to ensure fairness, tokens will be converted into USDT for processing.

5. Users can only claim the highest prize they qualify for if they take part in several activities at the same time;

6. The quantity of rewards will be calculated based on the price of DOT/USDT at the end of the campaign.

7. Users can only use one account to participate in the campaign. Those who participate in or manipulate the transaction price through multiple accounts will be disqualified.

8. Rewards will be distributed to the winners accounts within 14 working days after the end of the campaign and can be viewed at “My Wallets”-“My Billing Details” (https://t.co/8vIGH1BXFy).

9. The final legally binding decision is made by Gate.io. Users hereby confirm that their registration and use of Gate.io is voluntary and is not forced, interfered with, or influenced by Gate.io in any way.

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Gate.io Team
Sep 20, 2021

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