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SoPay(SOP) Is Listed And Held Trading Competition On

2018-07-20 10:53:37Read:293394

SoPay is a revolutionary blockchain technology platform, that enable mass adoption for cryptocurrencies payment. It key selling points including: 1) Support multiple cryptocurrencies; 2) 0 transaction fees for consumers; 3) Payment received within seconds; 4) Merchants complete SoPay integration within 6 days to support cryptocurrencies payment, even without blockchain technical background. The payment experience is as easy as using Alipay.
Official website:

The SOP trading has been enabled on, and users can deposit/withdraw SOP at anytime later on.

Basic information:
1. Total supply of SOP is 4.5 billion, in which private sale is accounting for 18%. The maximum circulating supply is 810 million. Circulating supply after listing is 486 million, accounting for 60% of private sale. 30% of the private sale will be released after three months, and 10% will be released after six months.
2. Cost price: 1 ETH = 30,000 SOP
3. Distribution proportion:
Community& Mining: 40%
Foundation: 25%
Private sale & Public sale: 18% (supply in circulation: 60%; 30% will be locked for 3 months, and 10% will be for 6 months)
Team: 10% (founding team will lock for 36 months, and release from the 37th month in 12 months installments; team will lock for 12 months, and release from the 13th month in 12 months installments)
Angel & Consulting: 4%
Laws/Finance/Tax: 3%
4.SOP will issue 5% additional supply every year, which will be distributed to community&mining, foundation, team by proportions according to the business development, and SOP will anounce the locking period. It will not be circulated in secondary market.

We are going to give away 1,100,000 SOP in the following activities:

1、SOP Airdrop Round #1
Follow our twitter @gate_io & Medium, retweet SOP Trading Competition post to get the random amount of 100,000 SOP airdrop during the period from July 20 to July 23 2018. Please follow our twitter@gate_io to get more details.

2、Trading SOP to win 1,000,000 SOP
Activity time: 2018/07/20 6:00 UTC-- 2018/07/27 6:00 UTC
During the activity, the top 50 traders will share 1,000,000 SOP based on their SOP trading volume calculated by the formula: (buy amount + sell amount) x (time factor). Same account trades are excluded. (time factor) decays linearly from 1.2 to 1.0 during the competition. To to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be multiplied by(actual commission/VIP 10 commission)to eliminate the differences in commission.

The share ratio of SOP :
(1)The first prize:300,000 SOP
(2)The second prize:200,000 SOP
(3)The third prize:100,000 SOP
(4)The remaining 47 traders will share 400,000 SOP based on their SOP trading volume.

Thanks for SoPay(SOP) team support!
Official website:

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July 20, 2018
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